Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Evita Soundtrack

You know, I had been planning to write about Feist today. I've been meaning to for weeks, I even mentioned it in the Kings of Convenience post. But earlier today I was watching a marathon of a random 1 season American cop drama and out of nowhere, I started singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina, beginning to end, word for word at the top of my lungs. I turned to my sister and said, "You know Evita is my favourite musical right?". To which she replied, "Duh!" And then, I thought to myself: 'nobody would know that'. Seriously, very very few people know that Evita is my favourite musical. Ever. And it is largely because the soundtrack is freaking awesome. And I watched it when I was really young, and have watched it a dozen times since, so it's literally embedded in my existence. So since today is #musicwednesdays I'm here to discuss four of my favourite songs off the movie soundtrack.

1. Another Suitcase, Another Hall

This song traumatised me as a child. "So what happens now, where am I going to?" was like the most heartbreaking thing I'd ever heard and Eva seemed so despondent and helpless, it just crushed me. And since then, if I see something particularly heartbreaking or sad in a movie or show, my head will automatically sing "So what happens now, where am I going to?"

2. A New Argentina

Because this song is awesome. Because one day a few years back, I was working at my old job and this randomly came on the work iPod, and my manager and I randomly broke into song and dance. Because of the "Don't think I don't think like you, I often get those nightmares too, they often take some, swallowing" section which is just musically brilliant. 

3. I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You

I think as a kid I didn't love this song. I only began to appreciate it when I was rediscovering the movie and soundtrack as a teenager. And now it's one of my favourites. 

4. Eva's Final Broadcast/Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Again with the sadness, and again with perfectly portraying that sadness in that song. Because of "Have I said too much? There's nothing more I can think of to say to you". For years, I've found myself randomly singing that line while pretending I'm on that balcony, cracking my voice in all the right places to make me seem both strong and breaking at the same time lol. "I'm Argentina and always will be".

Honorable mention: Eva and Magaldi. Because again- awesomeness. Because of the rhythm of the lyrics.

Have you watched Evita? If so what are your favourite songs? Do you have a favourite musical that is unexpected to those that know you?

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Kings Of Convenience, chocolate cake and serendipity

I've been keeping secrets from you...

It wasn't on purpose, and my intent wasn't malicious, so while my chocolate cake bakes in the oven I'm going to come clean.

A few months ago, I believe it was March, I was working in the library of my University. I was on the second floor using the computers by the windows to write an essay on antibiotics. I had about a million tabs open on Chrome but while the majority of them held research papers, one solitary tab was designated for the one thing able to get me through the hours spent in that library. This tab, that will now be known as Lifesaver, was open to YouTube and sweet joy-giving music was travelling from Lifesaver, through my headphones, and into my ears to deliver the sustenance that only music can provide.

I fail to remember what I was listening to at the time, but it had come to an end. I was at a loss as to what to listen to next because I had grown a bit tired of my music library. But randomly I clicked on one of the YouTube suggestions listed and found something I didn't even know I was looking for. Kings Of Convenience. I listened to Declaration of Dependence from beginning to end and fell in love. It just filled a void for kind of up(ish)beat music that was still kinda quiet and beautiful and didn't kill my brain cells.

It's funny that though Declaration of Dependence was the album that hooked me, it's not my favourite of theirs. After listening to DoD about 27 times front to back, I went and listened to their whole history of music. As is my habit with musicians that I love. So here goes, in no particular order, my 5 most favourite songs of Kings of Convenience.

1. The Build Up
Because it is awesome. And beautiful. And has Feist in it (who deserves a post on her own). And because it has that quiet brilliance that I love so much. And is slightly sad in feel which I also love. And because I have listened to it over a hundred times and it still manages to make me stop and pay attention.

2. The Passenger
Because it is also awesome. Because of that guitar riff at the end. Because of the entire guitar part that is so familiar and comforting to me. Because of the simplicity of the melody that manages to be so effective. Because the album was on and I was playing cards on my phone when I first heard this, and I paused the game to go to my music player to make sure I remembered the name of the track because it just spoke to me. Again, because of that riff at the end; I could feel every strum in my aural heart.

3. I'd Rather Dance With You
Because it is the song responsible for ridding me of all negative feelings towards anything of a pop-ish nature. Because this became my soundtrack for the last few weeks of uni. Because I would dance to this when I had to go to the lab at six o'clock in the morning. Because I would dance to this when I left the lab twelve hours later and it would make me feel happy and alive.

4. Scars on Land
Because it is the last song on DoD and every time I hear it, my heart is reminded of the feeling I had when I first listened to the album beginning to end. Profound sadness that it was over, deep gratitude for having discovered it, and a brilliant joy because I could press play and hear it all over again. Because it was such an awesome end to the album.

5. Know How
Because of the outro. Because this is another example of when an outro makes me love the song more that I normally would. Because it has Feist in it- are you recognising a pattern here? Seriously, it's all because of Feist and the outro. And Kings of Convenience of course, but mainly the outro. And Feist.

So there it is. I found Kings of Convenience by pure serendipity and fell in love. Since my chocolate cake is almost done, I'm going to leave it there. See you next Wednesday.

Rella x