Wednesday, 21 December 2011

But you love someone else

I think that line sold this song for me.

I mean I love Sufjan Stevens, we all know this.
One day I wanted to have a Stevens marathon so I jumped onto the tube and zoned out. Then this song came on and I hadn't heard it before. It had the usual lovable qualities that his stuff normally does: his voice and that zoning ability that is a must in music for me... I was minding my own business, listening to him, feeling a bit sad like I wanted to and then he throws that line at me: "but you love someone else" and my heart hurts for him, "but you want to be with someone else" and I was SOLD. See the thing is I remember things differently. In my brain one word becomes a whole paragraph and that line became a tragic novel.

So when you're listening to it and thinking "why did this move her so much?" remember that to me a whole love affair is ending, one where he wooed her, loved her and then moved away for some unavoidable reason and she met someone else but he still loved her and they have this huge dramatic heart wrenching break up. This is what's playing as she is walking away from him.

At night. And it's raining. And he doesn't have an umbrella.

"If you once knew how I love you"
Rella x

I am so sorry :(

I feel like a neglectful spouse and all other disappointing things ( ._.)
I can't believe it's been so long since i've posted.
And i've had SO much to talk about like the undercover racism that has been going on at school, what it feels like to not only be a minority but to feel like one every day. Not only relating to race but to attitudes to life aswell... 

I've wanted to talk about the joys of ballroom dancing, the lindy hop taster session that I had and how Charleston kicks changed my life. 
I can't believe how quiet i've become, it's crazy how much living away from the people you care about changes you. How internalised everything becomes.

And I can't blame my absence solely on school because sure, first term has been manic, but i've had time. Tons of it sometimes. And there have been times when i've really wanted to write but I didn't, and i'm really sorry.

Not that you cared or anything. Or noticed that I was gone. 
But any who, I really couldn't let the year pass without saying something...
So to anybody who reads this, reading this, that long gap of neglectfulness wont happen again.
Who am I kidding, it probably will.
But you'll get an apology afterwards, a bunch of flowers and maybe dinner...

Rella x

Saturday, 29 October 2011

The YBS Forum 2011

Hello my dears,

On Thursday I made my way to London to perform at this years YBS Forum and can you believe that I actually remembered to ask somebody to record it? I know; gasp! *shock* *faints*. So I guess I should post the video...

The human mic stand? Do you not have one? They're all the rage lol.
Thanks again Dwain for recording this (hugs).

I hope all is well with you dearies,
talk soon. Really I promise..

Rella x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Young Victoria, Ballroom and other such shenanigans

Oh. My. Gosh.
I am in love.

"You are the only wife i've got or ever will have. You are my whole existence and I will love you until I take my last breath."

With the strings in the background? Are you freaking kidding me? I was on the verge of a swoon. A SWOON.

Seriously, I am ruined. Ruined for all men. Prince Albert has ruined me. *sigh*

All jest aside there is some truth in this. No I am not ruined, but I dunno, with Darcy's and Albert's and "You are my whole existence's" ingrained in my brain there is a small part of me that wouldn't settle for less. I have both high and low standards, I am both a cynic and a romantic and I guess most importantly I both know that Darcy is fictional but hope for my own. What do I mean? I mean that sure film, literature and music are not the most sensible places to form opinions on love from but I know the love that I am capable of giving and would want to be loved in the same way. Well not exactly the same way. In the male equivalent way.

So yes, I am ruined, for all men, except my Darcy/Albert/all the other fictional characters I've spoken about.

But seriously, I really thought that with all the period drama's i've seen and all the times I've swooned that I'd become implacable.. unmovable.. I was wrong. All it took was those words and I was gone, lost. I love movies lol.

Changing the subject though, guess what I did??!!!!!
On monday I fulfilled a dream of mine and took a ballroom class!!! For those of you who don't know; I LOVE dance, I'm obsessed with Strictly Come Dancing and I have always wanted to dance ballroom. Always.
So when I heard of the ballroom society at my uni I practically buzzed with excitement.
Monday was their taster session and I went filled with dreams and anticipation and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. I can't remember the last time I was so happy. Like really. I don't know what it is about ballroom that fills me with such joy. But I love it. And dancing it was a dream. For me one of the best feelings in the world is being in hold. I felt like such a girl, no, I felt feminine. That is it. Feminine. It was amazing how you could instantly see the difference in dancing when you have a good partner and when you have a not so good partner.

With a good partner everything goes seamlessly. The steps just come, you don't have to think as hard about them and you can feel what he's about to do. But then you get a crappy partner and everything falls apart. Literally, it's a mess. Steps you knew and danced a second ago become gibberish and you can't find your place and YOU have to lead. Fortunately I had more good partners than bad and I left the class on a freaking high. The biggest high i've ever experienced. I can't wait for the next session.

I sang to my new flatmates recently. I hadn't sung since I'd been here and nobody knew about my Rella J-ness. Somehow it came up and somebody asked me to sing. I refused, adamant to keep it all under wraps and then eventually I was like 'I might aswell'. I got Dave and sang Do You Remember.
It's crazy how misunderstood I felt before. It's crazy how big a part music plays in my identity. It's who I am and when they didn't know that I felt like a fraction of myself. Do you know what I mean? Now that they've heard me I feel so relieved. Like I can really be myself now. And be seen as myself and not the fraction that they knew before.

I'm not making any sense. It's hard sometimes to fully communicate what i'm thinking. *sigh*

I guess i'll leave it there.
But to those of you wondering (O.) I'm fine, more than fine, great even. Especially after my Albert encounter. And let me not even get into my new found love of Daniel Day Lewis. I had a field day watching him yesterday. "You can sleep, sleep here in my arms, like a baby bird" *ear kiss* *ear kiss*
Seriously, I AM RUINED.
Rella x

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Oh wow, Kersha Bailey.

It doesn't take me very long to fall in love. With a song that is.
I stumbled across this on the wonder that is YouTube and it was definitely love at first sight. Or you know, love at first listen..

I HAD to share.
Right up my aural alley. This is the music I love guys. *sigh*
I'm so sorry I haven't been around, i've had alot to say and then when I didn't say it and a certain amount of time passed- I couldn't say it anymore.

I'm here in a new room, in a new town, surrounded by new people.. it's so strange being surrounded by people who don't know you. As in I have a whole suitcase of memories, quirks, lingos and thoughts that nobody knows about.
I don't know how I feel about that.

But yeah, Kersha, this song brightened up my day. How? It reminded me of what I love. I dunno, you have a certain taste and then you find yourself eating the same things, and then you get used to these foods and then eating becomes less fun because its the same food. But then you taste something new, and it's still appealing to your taste, but its NEW. Your taste buds are vibrating with excitement, your eyes open a bit wider and a satisfaction spreads throughout your body. You feel alive!!!

hehe. I can be a tad over dramatic at times. But thats pretty much what happens with me and music. Keep in mind though that because this new food is so tasty you eat it over and over and over again until your taste buds are less excited by it, things become grey and the whole cycle starts again -_-

Is this what Elton meant in the Circle of Life?
lol any excuse for a Lion King reference!

Rella x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Angie Stone and laziness

So i've been bad. I've had alot to tell you all about but I haven't. Because i've been lazy.

Before I catch you up I just wanted to share this with you. I recently got a new iPod and was adding some music to it. For some reason I have a ton of Angie Stone albums that I dont listen to that much but I added it to the pod anyway. A few days ago I had le new pod on shuffle and this song came up and I was like huh? Tune!! Ultimate chill jam. Like can't-even-be-bothered-to-nod so I'll tap along with my pinky song. Angie gets major ratings for this.

Listen to it three times and tell me if you agree :)

Can I go as far to say that the chill zone this song puts me in is the cause of my laziness?
No, that would be a lie. *sigh*

Rella x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A clarification and some Sade..

She asked what I meant by (8) Like the deserts miss the rain (8)

This is the result of being a 90's baby. 
A song that takes me back to being a different kid in a different time.
"And I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain" Can you miss anything more than that? 
Now you know how much I missed you.
Feel special

Rella x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I don't know why it's taken me so long to post this. Well that's a lie. I've been procrastinating. That's why it's taken so long.
But better late than never right? Unless we're talking about anti-venom to a deadly snake bite.
I digress.

Last week I recorded a couple videos. On Wednesday I made my way up to Tottenham and recorded a verse and a chorus of Do You You Remember with Poet and Quason Matthews for the new series of the Dats a Wrap show. I had so much jokes!!
So we were in this park right, and we shot it lots of times because Quason wanted different angles for the final vid. And i'm on the bench about to sing for a close up and a bee just appears out of nowhere o_O
I guess there are two things you should know about me:

  1. I have amazing reflexes => I react to things really quickly
  2. I am afraid of ALL insects
Why is this important? The bee appears, I freak out, Quason catches it on camera and the clip becomes one of the trailers lol. 

The second video I have to share with you was recorded on Friday. I'm a finalist in a competition called Unsigned Stars (more on this later) and all the finalists recorded a video a few weeks ago but I was away at LIYSF aka science camp aka the BEST thing in the world so I recorded mine late. Which means my views are lower than everybody else's. Which means please watch :D

Methinks thats it for now.
Hope this finds you well :)
Rella x

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mr Freaking Rochester!!

Can you hear that?
Well it's the sound of my heart beating.
And who does it beat for?
Mr Rochester. Oh gosh. I'm in love.

As we all know, and by 'we' I mean anyone who reads this here blog; I'm abit of a movie addict. But one thing you might not know is that I love, and when I say love I mean LOVE period drama's. Seriously. LOVE. But it's been a while since a good one has been released.

Anywho I finally got round to watching the latest Jane Eyre and boy I was not disappointed. What is it about a p.d. that hits me so hard? I've talked about this before, masculine displays of emotion, restraint, even the language. Oh my, it's enough to make one swoon!

And then the hand thing, in the study? Or even better when he's pleading for her to stay..My poor poor heart, i'm surprised  it survived this. *sigh* I need a Mr Rochester and a Darcy and a who's the guy from North and South? (googles..)
Mr Thornton. How I love Mr Thornton.

The next time somebody asks me why I'm single I will reply "i'm waiting for Mr Thornton."
Rella x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pretty pointless really..

Ok so while I was away I was in south ken station queuing to buy a travelcard. Right behind me is this european fresh looking type woman and next to her but outside of the queue barriers is this tall bald dude. Now i'm not really a nosey person or much of an eavesdropper but I just happened to catch parts of their conversation...when I say 'happened to' I mean I turned down the volume on Isai so I could catch parts of their conversation lol!

The general gist of the sitch was I think he saw her in the street struggling with her suitcases, found her attractive (she had huge boobs) and offered to help with her luggage (hoping for some sort of reward *eyebrow raise*). She-fresh looking european that she was- accepted the help and was now trying to get rid of him.

Why is this important? It's not, its just one of those things that you randomly witness. I dunno, I guess I found their conversation, or his attempts at it- funny. To anybody who was listening i.e. me it was clear that she wasnt interested, unless they interact differently in Russia, which is where she was from. But he stuck around, waited in line, got on the tube and probably followed her to Heathrow, which is where she was going.

To be fair there is a possibility that I was witnessing the beginning of an indie type romance movie. Before Sunrise anyone? It'd be nice to think that they sat on the tube and engaged in witty and insightful conversation. He bought a rynair ticket to Russia and somehow managed to get seated next to her. On the stop over-because there are always stop overs- they had dinner and swapped stories, found common likes and dislikes. He became more attractive to her and they decide that its like they've known each other forever etcetera etcetera etcetera.

*sigh* I dont even know why I'm telling you all this. But the memory is stuck in my head. I have this incomplete picture of the tube station, her breasts and messy bun, his bald head and slippers and then the both of them getting on the escalator..

Maybe i'll see him again one day. Maybe the next time i'm staying in south ken. I'll recognise his head, and obvi he'll still be in those slippers and i'll be able to ask him whatever happened with the russian girl who said she wasn't on facebook because there is a russian equivalent...

Do you think he'd remember me?
Rella x

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I'm back!!!!

Not that you noticed I was gone..

But I was, and now I am back :)
Did you miss me?

Oh, hi Marsha <3

So guys and by guys I mean the two people I know are definitely reading this; O and Marsh, I am sitting on my bed with a nose blocked by a cold picked up from an Indonesian or a Jamaican. My voice is gone and Damien Rice is playing in the background.

To everybody else, if there is an everybody else, where was I? L-I-Y-S-F!!!!! Something that I have been looking forward to all year. But more on that another time. I'm tired, sick and nostalgic. I just wanted to let you (O, Marsh and all you anon's out there) know that I am back.

I missed you too.
(8) Like the deserts miss the rain (8)

Rella x x

Friday, 22 July 2011

What Summer means to my iPod

I know I don't always listen to the most 'uplifting' music (lol) or the most upbeat..but there are days like this when the sun is shining through my window and Summer, or the British equivalent, is making itself known.

Currently I have Outkast's Prototype stuck in my head and it epitomises the perfect summer song. This is what would be playing if I ever bothered to take a blanket to the park and lie in the grass.

And to think I only heard this song a few days ago..

"I wanna say stank you smelly much" Ha! I love Outkast. This takes me back..

"Hey John, are we recording our adlibs?"

I thought i'd share some others.

#2 Curtis Mayfield- Move On Up
Do I need to explain why? This song never fails to get me moving "Just move on up!". I don't even know where I heard this..Oh that's right. Science Camp circa '09. My friend Bainton played it on her laptop and it was love. I'm sure i'd heard it before but thats where it started. Kinda.

#3 Buddy Rich- The beat goes on
I know the whole horn solo to this. And I dont mean on a horn. One summers night I was on my way home from a gig and still a bit (naturally) high. Me and the guys were standing at the bus stop, I'm listening to this.. then I start to hum, dooo da and la the whole song, complete with dance moves. In the middle of the street. And the guys are just staring at me completely used to my lunatic behaviour. I knew that I was the only one that could hear the music, and to the rest of the world I looked..only God knows. But that's how happy this song makes me, lol.

#4 Common- Come Close ft Mary J Blige
I know every word to this song. This is my tunnneeeeee. "I wanna build a tribe with you".
I saw this video years ago and then somehow the memory of it got mixed with an india arie vid and then in the back on my mind It became Common ft India. A few years ago I randomly thought about the song and then watched the video again and the song has stuck with me since. "I know this world is crazy, but whats it without you". For me, this strikes the perfect balance between groove and lyric.

And finally, a more recent one.
#5 Fish Go Deep- The Cure and the Cause
One summer this song was all my sister O played. And it caught on. In the car, as soon as this song came on we'd all shout out TUNEEEE, then sing along. Its been years and we still make up 70% of the words lol, but it doesnt matter. This is summer!!!

Rella x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Music: Thrice.. I kid.. The Basement.

For some reason I found myself on youtube watching live performances of Damien Rice. This lead to me watching his Live from the Basement set. I didn't even know he did one. But its like why should I? The only band I know that's done one is Radiohead. I don't really follow these things. And by these things I mean anything. Confused?
Anyway, when I saw that he did a LFTB do I felt compelled to watch it, i'm a sucker for intimate gigs.

I LOVE the live version of Rootless Tree. I've heard this song before, years ago, the album version, and it just didn't have the impact on me that this version does. 

I'm not even a fan of swearing. In fact I hate swearing..well hate is a strong word, but i'm sure you know what I mean. But even the fact that he's swearing doesn't diminish my love for this song.
Probably because my love for it has nothing to do with what he's saying but how he's saying it.

The emotion... it's tangible. And we all know what masculine displays of emotion do to me. 
I found this yesterday and it's been on repeat. You know...I don't know why these sorts of things affect me so much. I guess it's because as a songwriter I know what kinda pain you must be feeling to write something like this. But on the flip side, I wonder how it would feel to know that something like this was written about you? I wonder if the people i've written about know that certain songs are about them.. Do they care?

One day I want to write something like this, I want to sing something like this and feel it..really feel it. But at the same time, I don't want to be in pain..I mean how much paracetamol would he have to take to numb that? 
I'm not asking anybody to experiment and find out though, I think it might be a tad bit dangerous. 

Rella x

Monday, 11 July 2011

Music: Twice

This is a perfect example of when I only like one song from a band. 

I LOVE this song. I first heard it when a friend posted the video on my fb page.
Eventhough I was confused by the vid, the song was beautiful, but it didn't go any further than that until a few months later. 
I played it again and then it was all I listened to for like a week. Finally the buttercream icing on the cake? It appeared on my beloved Grey's Anatomy.

I bought it from iTunes and it's had its permanent home in Isai every since. It has made several appearances on any playlist I make.. 6 months(ish) in and our love is still strong. 

So what with this being a music blog of some sort I'm you know, sharing some music.
But seriously, what is up with that video? After like a hundred viewings I've grown to accept it, but understanding it? That's a whole different slice of pie and I don't eat pie. True stories.

Rella x

Friday, 8 July 2011

Music: Once

Yes I love movies, I think that much is obvious. Sure I love the stories, but even more than that; I love how many great songs I discover through them and how music is used to set the scene, emphasise an emotion and just take what you're seeing to a whole new level..

Recently I watched a film called Once. I'd been avoiding it because..I can't actually remember why.. I'm sure I had a good reason (we both know I didn't).
Either way a while ago I bit the bullet and watched it. I really liked it. It was all so ordinary, as in the characters, setting etc. It wasn't a glitzy Hollywood film and it wasn't about beautiful people.. I liked the interaction between the two leads: none of that 'I feel like I've known you forever' business, just lets make some music.

Another thing that touched home with me was wherever they went music happened. They go to some dude's house for a big dinner, and then at the end of it each person at the table sings a song or plays an instrument or..i dunno.. Why'd that touch home? I remember one day I was in my room lying in my bed, and my little sister, who was hanging out with me, asks me why I'm singing. I say I wasn't singing. She says yes you were, you do it all the time. True stories. lol.
A part of me feels like I'm trying to connect a flamingo to a mime. But another part of me feels like the viewer got a sense of how music totally takes over a musician. Not in a 'becoming the Mask' way, but more like it's fully a part of you. I sing all the time (apparently) because i'm a singer (as well as a butcher, baker and candlestick maker)..It's what I do. And when I say all the time I don't mean in the middle of a 2 minute silence, or at other inappropriate times or places, I mean when i'm by myself, or relaxing, or cooking or walking down the road. *shrugs*
How did I get here? Right, Once.

So what with this being kind of a music blog I'm going to share one of my favourite songs from Once.


The recording scene? When the engineer is like "Yeah i'm here with a bunch of nobodies" and then he hears the song? And then that little 'Im hearing something special' smile- I love that part! 

What's with my current obsession with two-part guy-girl harmony? Sufjan, this guy, Damien rice..Oh well, it works.

Oh, 30 day challenge? Yeah that never happened. The questions bored me. I didn't want to talk about how i've changed over the past two years. That's boring. This has nothing to do with my inability to commit to regular posting and everything to do with unimaginative questions :)

Rella x

Monday, 4 July 2011

Music: Harmoniessss

Its up there on the list of the things that I love. Next to bagels (plain, heated for 30 seconds, or till soft to touch), potatoes and a good bowl of cereal. A really good harmony will literally send a shiver down my spine, distort my face and curl my toes. They are a force to be reckoned with. 

Here are some of my favourite examples..
For the best experience, listen with headphones..

Take 6- This is Another Day

I first heard this a few months ago, I was talking music and harmonies with another musician and he was like: "If you like harmonies check out Take 6" so I did. I was struck dumb by this, face distorted- did they really just?, did you hear that?, oh my gosh and then around 1:45 I stopped trying to comprehend it all and was like "ok, you win, you win!" 

I especially love this because there is something about acapella harmony that just does it for me. 

The Rescues- My Heart With You

 I first heard this on Grey's Anatomy. I've found some great music because of that show and still can't get over how amazing season 6 (and the incredible finale) was. Another acapella harmony, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum to This is Another Day. But gosh, this song was on repeat for daysss. I listened to nothing else, while playing Angry Birds, washing up, or just passing time. I love this song. 

These songs are both fully packed out with harms. My last example is abit different. So we all know I love Sufjan Stevens and this song describes perfectly what I mean when I say one harmony completely changes my opinion of a song.

Sufjan Stevens- John Wayne Gacy Jr

 I first heard this in the midst of my Stevens obsession   circa December '10. Pressed play, it was nice, and then "Oh my God" happens. Which changed everything. And then "On the mouth".. When I listen to it now, I'm not as affected but then, when I first heard it..I loved how simple it was. It didn't result in a face distortion but there were definite chills going on. *sigh* I love Sufjan Stevens. Not so much his Age of Adz though..

But that's how music works right? Think of it like a buffet, you take what you like. That's how it is, what I like of his- I love! The rest is for people with different taste buds.

Rella x

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Remember Me..

Oh wow..

I am very rarely surprised. Which is such a shame because I do like surprises. Like with presents, my sister O is the only one who ever surprises me. Great surprises like a blackberry and a new contract paid for for 6 months like she did last year. Or this year: the greatest present ever: Isai, my iPod Touch 4th Gen. I never see it coming.

I just finished watching Remember Me, another one of those haunting movies that I'd managed to avoid for ages. I am NOT a twilight fan- AT ALL, and the idea of watching Robert Pattinson for 113 minutes did not excite me but i'd run out of movies to watch.

So I watched it. Now due to the unbelievable amount of movies (rommies esp.) that I have seen; I am very good at predicting whats about to happen. I don't do it on purpose, but at some points whilst watching a film there'll be a running narration in my head- "so now he's going to come through the door, she's gonna see him, they're going to make up, and sexy time will ensue".

The ends approaching, issues are resolving themselves in that neat way that can only happen in movies and then... He's in his dad's office and this tense, 'somethings about to happen' music is playing. And my brain is running around thinking of all the pandora's boxes.. trying to find the one that's still open. No they're shut, so what is it? What's the cause of the music? With only 5 minutes left of the movie..WHAT IS IT?

And then it happens.
I realised 10 seconds before what it was going to be, but still: I did not see it coming.
Oh wow.

I do love being surprised.

Rella x

Once again, not a recommendation..
although I did think Rotten Tomatoes' rating was a bit harsh..
but each to their own right?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

When life hands you lemons...

Note: I wrote this yesterday but apparently didnt press publish...

I like baking.
I don't bake as much as I used to but on this gap year its something I've been doing more of. I've conquered the chocolate cake, discovered the joys of ganache and lost sorely to chocolate chip cookies. Infact this blog was going to be This defeat still pains me. I still don't understand how it happened, my dough was amazing, and then it gets in the oven and..DEFEAT.

Anyway, I'm going to make a lemon drizzle cake. I've never made one before but I've got a recipe and a playlist and sunshiny optimism lol. Lets see how this goes..

Rella x

Sunday, 26 June 2011

#1 Weird things you do when you're alone...

I'm going to do it.
In an effort to blog more and blog consistently I am going to attempt a 30 day challenge. I tried this once on le book face and lasted ONE DAY ha! But this will be different. I will try harder.

So here we go.

Weird things I do when i'm alone? Other than talk to myself? Like full blown conversations..but never out loud :s
Erm, I make these noises. Like random 'cant-really-describe' 'what-kinda-noise-is-that?' noises. I lie with my laptop and just let my vocal chords loose. Sometimes I sound like an engine being read it's last rites, sometimes like a malnourished antisocial cat having a go at karaoke.. It's never the same sound twice and it's never planned. I'll be reading something and then all of a sudden I find myself making these noises..and then it makes me laugh. So it's late at night, the whole house is quiet, and i'm in my room in absolute hysterics. Guffaws, chortles, deep belly laughs..till somebody asks me who I'm talking to or what am I watching and my reply? Nobody, nothing..

I completely understand if at this moment in time you are questioning my sanity. What does sane even mean? (Googles...)It's all subjective anyway *shrugs*

Rella x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Music: Why I love CB Rae

I am the worst person to give music recommendations to.
MANY have tried, few have succeeded. My taste is vague and extremely specific at the same time. It's inconclusive.. It's very I dunno, I like what I like. That said, I can love/like a musician and only love a handful of their discography. Actually this is always the case.

So continuing the whole getting to know each other here's some more music I love.

Corinne Bailey Rae

The only thing I don't like about liking BRae is that people expect me to like her. It comes with the territory I guess but yeah. I love her voice, and there are a few songs of hers that really resonate with me for whatever reason.
#1. Like a star. Obviously. This was one of the first songs I learnt on the guitar. And it taught me the all important F7|E7| movement that I had no clue about and have grown to appreciate. It's one that has stuck with me from 14ish. Also, at fourteen just discovering my voice, it was something I needed to hear. I didn't have that huge- gospel, bellowing voice that was the norm (amazing, but still the norm), or that riff-y deeper soul-y voice either. So to hear Rae with her unassuming, beautiful and spectacular in its own way voice; I learnt to be comfortable with and accept my own.

#2. Are You Here. Why do I love this? I don't know. I don't even understand what she says in alot parts of it.  But I do. I love it, I heard this back in my Spotify days and listened to it over and over again. No but really what is she saying? LOL. But for real, ignoring the lyrics barrier, I feel it..

#3. Love's On Its Way. Another Spotify find. In fact her album came out and eventhough i'm not an album-listening type person usually, I told myself to check it out. I love her live, I love how in control she is of her sound, and despite her unassuming voice; she doesn't get bogged down or overshadowed by the live instruments. If it's your first time hearing this its probably better to listen to the album version first.

#5. Since I've Been Loving You. I could count the Led Zeppelin songs I know on one hand. That would be one. And it's this one. Obvi I know of them but that's it. I heard this song when going through her discography on spotify one day and yeah. It makes the list. It was only later that I found out it was a cover. I love what she does with her voice and I love how distinctive she is when she could so easily be plain.

Lastly, eventhough there's still a few I could put on here...

#6 Is This Love?. Another spotify find. The original is one of my favourite songs. As in, OF ALL TIME. At one point, it was my go-to song when people put me on the spot and asked me to sing them something. Hearing her do this made me respect her on a whole other level for some reason. She made it her own but without taking away from it. Or I dunno..making it about her and not about the song? It's like she paid homage to it. Do you get what I mean? I remember hearing it and thinking "Did she really go there? Wow she went there! Eeissh,...SHE WENT IN!!" Translation: Well done Rae.

Rella x

Friday, 17 June 2011

*sigh* Movies galore!

So I'm writing this while on the phone to tmobile customer services *rolls eyes* and sorting out my blackberry. This bb rubbish has been going on for close to two months but I'm not bothered because I have my beloved iPod Touch 4.
But yes the point of this was my film watching has gotten out of hand lol. To be honest though there's not really much else to do at the moment. June is such a boring month for me ¬¬

Since the last post I've watched some good rommies and some 'why am I watching this crap' rommies aswell.
My favourtites so far are: Adam
I can't believe I hadn't heard about this movie already. Why was it so DL? I loved it. I try not to contemplate why I go so swoony (for lack of a better term) over male leads that seem incapable of love and then, well, love. I dunno.. that sort of sitch effects me much more than: meeting- attraction-conversation-drama- love. But yeah, Adam; I really enjoyed it.

Up next is Whip it.
There are some movies that haunt me. I don't mean in a 'watching it I got this haunted feeling' way. I mean literally. When looking for movies to watch, looking at recommended films lists after a movie I particularly liked there are the ones I always see. Whip it was one of these. Now I'm not a rebellious person but we all have our moments right? When a movie haunts me I REFUSE to watch it. Eventhough I know eventually I am going to and i'll probably enjoy it...but it's the principle. I am my own person and what not LOL. So yeah, it haunted me, I resisted but eventually succumbed. It was another surprising one. For one I thought that it was going to be one of those 'teen- highschool movie' type films (not that theres anything wrong with those) and it wasn't. There were grown-ups in it! Gasp! I also loved that despite directing the movie Barrymore didn't make it about her. As in her role was very small but still entertaining. I liked seeing that side of her. Wait. This is not a film review blog. I'll move on..

Oooh. I watched this one yesterday. Again how did this slip through the cracks? Especially since i'm a Moore fan (my version of being a fan means i'll say 'Oh Moore's in it'). Dedication. *sigh* I fell in love with this guy..."You can accuse me of many things but never of not liking you". Are you kidding me? How am I not going to want to have his babies? After marriage of course lol. Yep, it was another example of incapable of love but evidently not.

Today's film was Mozart and the Whale. Now, i've been in love with Josh Hartnett ever since 40 days and 40 nights but this movie was like renewing our vows to each other hehe..It was interesting because a few days ago I watched Adam in which one of the couple has Aspergers but in this one both of them had it. It was infuriating and engaging and well a great watch.

Methinks now would be a good time to say i'm not making recommendations here, my taste is well- mine. But we're getting to know each other right? I'll leave it at that. I watched an offensive amount of movies these past few days. Some were great, some blah and some; somewhere in between.
But no film watching tonight, oh no siree! Today is friday which means rehearsals with New Progression!!!! Wooo!! Reh/rehs as its affectionately called is and has been, for the past two years, the highlight of my week (unless something major happens) and this is the day (that the Lord has made)..seriously can someone take these brackets away from me? I can't control myself! (that's what he said) SEE WHAT I MEAN?

Ok. I got sidetracked. But i'm back. Did you miss me? (I can leave you two alone). Thats the last one I promise...kinda. But yeah, reh: great music great people the most jokes you can ever have..i'll be coming home today with Dave on my back, joy in my heart and what was it? Peace all around me? Hm..that might become a regular. *sigh* once again I digress. I've always said (I've never said this in my life) once the digression takes over its time to call it a day. So my dears. It is indeed a day.

Don't be mad that you wasted your time reading something that may or may not have added anything to your life, or day, or hour (this could go on for a long time) (or at least until nanosecond) (wait what's smaller than a nanosecond?) (Googles..).

Oops I did it again (that's what she said)

Rella x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Time.. and Sufjan

So I'm abit of a romance movie addict.
Which is funny because I tend to be a bit cynical when it comes to le opposite sex sometimes.. not always.
But yes, I'm a romantic.
And on this gap year I have watched more romance movies and read more books than I can count or remember..
Today's latest fix was TiMER. Which was good :) It wasn't AMAZING, of life changing, but I wasn't sitting there thinking this is such a waste of time. Ha! Get it? (lol)
I totally fell in love with Mikey at the end.. the whole "you just totally hurt my heart and i'm trying to be a man about it" *sigh*
But seriously, 22?? that's totally in my age range. Mikey we could work!! lol.

Anyways, the point was I was pleasantly surprised when he turned on the radio and Sufjan Stevens comes up. Yeah, back to the music bit of this blog. Sufjan is like a must on any playlist I make, and I make alot. Im talking 'Washing up', 'Tidying up room', 'Trying to sleep'. 'Cooking in hostile territory'. You name it; he's on them all. So in honour of the TiMER, but more as an excuse to share some of the music I love, here's some <3 Stevens <3

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A lark in the park

me and Ade :)
It was more about spending time with the guys than anything else. Sure we performed and conquered despite the crappy sound and clueless sound engineers. We had a good time, Fi's set went well but oh the laughs and larks and overall good vibes.

Walking down mare street, singing in four-part harmony, people stopping to listen.
Enjoying the sunshine. The crazy dancing and disco revival. All of it. Whenever New Progression gets together, eventhough it wasn't all of us, and we weren't there to be New Progression, we were there to be HD and Ionna. Despite all of that what a lark we had!

 We were early, the festival was running late, iPhone's were lost, then found, I have a new pair of sunglasses courtesy of Usaa but above all It was great to be able to support the people that have supported me so often.

And at the end of the day the sun was still shining. I walked home to yet another playlist with Dave on my back, peace around me and joy in my heart.

Grace, Me, Jalud, Stephanie and Fi
aka the girls <3 and Jalud

Ade, Tohib, Me and Usaamah

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Who am I? Omoba?

The D'Prince reference? It all started with a drive from my house to the cinema with my sister O. 2 hours worth of driving and an afrobeat cd on repeat later and the question Who am I? Is always followed by Omoba.

I am Rella J. A singer, arranger, candlestick maker...
Joke. To be short, I write songs, sing them and people clap.
I'll leave it at that for now. As I said before, we'll get to know each other.

I never did get that sleep you know *sigh*. Today i'm playing guitar for Fi. Fi is a singer in New Progression (my band) and today's do is at the Clapton Arts Festival. I'll let you know how it goes.

I need to go cut my nails x

Now or never..Not a poem. Its too late for full sentences..

It's 5:35 am.
I am yet to sleep.
I need to sleep.
I can't sleep ¬¬

I've been meaning to start this.
Here it is: Without the 'Ay'
Because my name is Rella J
and more will be revealed.

Want to get to know each other?
Share some words
a few thoughts?
Opinions? Dreams?

I'm playing for Fi later on today
I need sleep,
Can't seem to fall asleep
In time my dears, more will be revealed.