Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We'll be together again soon...

You know, I've missed you guys.
Whoever you guys are. Mostly O and the odd S or K.. I don't know who reads this here blog but i've missed you, writing, feeling connected to my 'Rella J-ness'. 
I've been really stressed recently, uni has sort've taken over my life and when I get stressed I can't write hence my absence. 

I'm not fully back yet, I'm still stressed, well my version of stressed because I don't stress easily- so in reality when I say stressed it's only like 5% of what a normal stressed out person feels. I digress. I just wanted to come here and say something...

Some songs stick with you. I'm not talking about a song that you love, i'm talking about... I dunno. I've always been fascinated with my relationships with songs and kind of obsessed with remembering why I know them. Which brings me back to why I'm here. One day I was in France, we were on holiday a tonne of years back, and I don't remember much about that holiday but I do remember standing in my hotel room and turning on the tv. I was flicking through, seeing what French tv had to offer and then this music video came on, I just stopped and watched it from start to finish. But it was more than just watched, I...paid attention?

I don't know... it takes alot for me to pay attention to something, or rather- for something to hold my attention- especially when it's not my usual cup of tea. Wait. I don't drink tea. Anyways every now and again i'll sing the chorus of this song and because it is directly linked to a memory that I have of myself this song means more to me than it should.

Or maybe none of that even happened. Maybe I made it up in my head and I really heard it on the radio in Hackney. Either way I miss you.

With love,
Rella x x