Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I am so sorry :(

I feel like a neglectful spouse and all other disappointing things ( ._.)
I can't believe it's been so long since i've posted.
And i've had SO much to talk about like the undercover racism that has been going on at school, what it feels like to not only be a minority but to feel like one every day. Not only relating to race but to attitudes to life aswell... 

I've wanted to talk about the joys of ballroom dancing, the lindy hop taster session that I had and how Charleston kicks changed my life. 
I can't believe how quiet i've become, it's crazy how much living away from the people you care about changes you. How internalised everything becomes.

And I can't blame my absence solely on school because sure, first term has been manic, but i've had time. Tons of it sometimes. And there have been times when i've really wanted to write but I didn't, and i'm really sorry.

Not that you cared or anything. Or noticed that I was gone. 
But any who, I really couldn't let the year pass without saying something...
So to anybody who reads this, reading this, that long gap of neglectfulness wont happen again.
Who am I kidding, it probably will.
But you'll get an apology afterwards, a bunch of flowers and maybe dinner...

Rella x


  1. LOOL ur crazy, thats why I love you Rella

  2. me? crazy? what have you heard? *manic giggle* who told you? *shifty eyes*
    oh nobody told you anything, in that case i'm not crazy :D
    your love is most definitely reciprocated x x