Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We'll be together again soon...

You know, I've missed you guys.
Whoever you guys are. Mostly O and the odd S or K.. I don't know who reads this here blog but i've missed you, writing, feeling connected to my 'Rella J-ness'. 
I've been really stressed recently, uni has sort've taken over my life and when I get stressed I can't write hence my absence. 

I'm not fully back yet, I'm still stressed, well my version of stressed because I don't stress easily- so in reality when I say stressed it's only like 5% of what a normal stressed out person feels. I digress. I just wanted to come here and say something...

Some songs stick with you. I'm not talking about a song that you love, i'm talking about... I dunno. I've always been fascinated with my relationships with songs and kind of obsessed with remembering why I know them. Which brings me back to why I'm here. One day I was in France, we were on holiday a tonne of years back, and I don't remember much about that holiday but I do remember standing in my hotel room and turning on the tv. I was flicking through, seeing what French tv had to offer and then this music video came on, I just stopped and watched it from start to finish. But it was more than just watched, I...paid attention?

I don't know... it takes alot for me to pay attention to something, or rather- for something to hold my attention- especially when it's not my usual cup of tea. Wait. I don't drink tea. Anyways every now and again i'll sing the chorus of this song and because it is directly linked to a memory that I have of myself this song means more to me than it should.

Or maybe none of that even happened. Maybe I made it up in my head and I really heard it on the radio in Hackney. Either way I miss you.

With love,
Rella x x


  1. You're completely right. It's funny how some songs stick with us because of certain memories.

    Don't stress! Uni'll be over soon(ish).

    Looking forward to seeing you in London again!

    1. Marsha! Fancy finding you here ;)

      It's defo funny, and I really love that about music...

      You're right, uni will be over soon, I need to remember to have some form of perspective when it comes to these things lol

      I. Can't. Wait. to see you again dearie x x

  2. Stick to it :) Summer holiday will come (for some of us anyways)
    Miss you loads

    The Odd K

    1. K?!!
      I never knew you read this! I mean, I know there was that one post but...you read this?? I'm blushing chuck!
      Erm, thanks and what not.. :D
      Your missaging is reciprocated dearie x x

    2. oh and I invited you to play a wwf game a few days back...