Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I'm a sucker for a good falsetto...

I'm in a sharing mood today so I'm going to show some musical love and post this vid.
I was recording a video-y acoustic session type thing when the girl/ lady type person shooting it got to talking about music with me, and she made me listen to this song.

At first I was surprised by the voice that came out of this dude, esp cos he reminded me of this guy that shoots these yt spoof videos that my little sis used to play to me all the time- they were hiLARIOUS. Anyways, It played, I was loving the groove, it got me rocking and stuff. He had a nice tone, smooth, cool and all that good stuff. I wasn't even really listening to what he was singing about- it's a political song- esp cos "You say that you care, I was unaware" is such a good basis for a achy breaky heart type song lol. But anyway, I was enjoying it and then he attacks me.

Some call it an Achilles heel or even kryptonite, I call it falsetto. Oh Em Gee. Freaking heck, Like for real??? Is he singing that?? I MELT. I don't know what it is about a male singer falsettoing. Yes I know thats not a word but seriously, shivers. I. Get. Shivers. All of a sudden the song became so much more than it was and I'm left wanting to have his musical babies hehe.

So yeah- hope you enjoy it
and more importantly, I hope this here post finds you well.
Rella x

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  1. Really, i'm so glad you posted this video omg with my eyes closed i'm in love with this dude..... seriously this song is gonna be on repeat for some time thanks again xxxx p/s thanks for the introduction to this tune I loves it!!!!