Thursday, 19 July 2012

About Me: Mutant Food

You aint fooling nobody brownie!
I have certain erm... idiosyncrasies when it comes to food that are erm... very idiosyncratic? For those of you who don't know; I love cereal. As in LOVE. As in two years ago I asked for cereal as a birthday present and each member of my band brought me a box or two. It was awesome. I lined the boxes along my wall and was in cereal heaven. It's that serious.

Yesterday I was tucking into my second bowl of the day: Cookie Crisp. Everything was going swimmingly (haha)(see that's funny because the cereal swim in the milk)(so it was a pun)(get it hahaha)(just kidding)(about explaining the joke not about it not being a joke)(because it was)(I'll stop now) but then all of a sudden something caught my eye. There amongst all the cookies with dark chips was an anomaly, a cookie with light brown chips. It was so weird. I tensed up and I could feel my idiosyncratic ways start to kick in. I wanted to ignore it. I tried to tell myself "Rella, there is nothing wrong with the brownie, it's just cereal", I tried to be rational but what I really thought was "MUTANTTTTTTT!!!" 

*sigh* I couldn't bring myself to eat it. Once my brain has spotted a food abnormality it completely rejects it and sees it as a hazard to my health. 
This one time, I was in my room at uni and I had just eaten some yogurt, pasta and I was in the process of eating a banana. All of a sudden I realised they were all the same colour and then I started to feel nauseous. No lie. I couldn't finish the banana. I think that's the weirdest food quirk that has ever come up. Eating three same coloured foods in a row made me nauseous. It hasn't happened since but at the same time I haven't tried that combo again. I have a feeling though that this new quirk is only for specific colours of food because I can't see myself being ill after eating chocolate, chicken and then toast or apples, stew and some other red food. Maybe it was too much cream coloured food at one time. I dunno *shrugs shoulders*. 

But yeah, I have some serious quirks when it comes food and I thought i'd share lol.

Hope this post finds you well dearies,
Rella x


  1. HA HA HA this post had me in stitches. The only thing I can conclude from your entire post, is your a big WEIRDO lol
    signed infamous O

  2. i read this and forgot to say....ur really strange