Wednesday, 23 July 2014

P!nk- Waiting For Love

I first heard this song a few months ago. During the time I spent studying for exams, I took the time to listen to a tonne of random albums. Whatever/whoever crossed my mind, I'd go and listen to it/them. One day in the middle of a study session I was like "I've never listened to a P!nk album before" so off I went and pulled up Try This on Grooveshark. See the thing is I love P!nk's voice, but I'm not the biggest fan of pop music. But since I was expanding my listening parameters during this study period, I pressed play and got back to studying.

So the album starts and I'm enjoying it because as I said, I love her voice. But nothing really made me pause and then this song starts. I don't think I was paying that close attention at first. About forty seconds in though, I pull up my Grooveshark tab so I can make note of the song and then go back to studying. And then the chorus happens and my head starts rocking and then my musical brain is whispering for me to indulge but my studying brain was maintaining dominance.

But see three minutes and thirty seconds ish starts to build up and then a minute later it calms right and then P!nk just rips the whole song up with her vocal so by this point my books are thrown across the room (metaphorically of course) and P!nk's got my full attention, and that song goes on repeat. After seven listens back to back, my musical brain was somewhat satiated, my studying brain was finally able to gain back some ground and thus back to studying I went.


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