Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mr Freaking Rochester!!

Can you hear that?
Well it's the sound of my heart beating.
And who does it beat for?
Mr Rochester. Oh gosh. I'm in love.

As we all know, and by 'we' I mean anyone who reads this here blog; I'm abit of a movie addict. But one thing you might not know is that I love, and when I say love I mean LOVE period drama's. Seriously. LOVE. But it's been a while since a good one has been released.

Anywho I finally got round to watching the latest Jane Eyre and boy I was not disappointed. What is it about a p.d. that hits me so hard? I've talked about this before, masculine displays of emotion, restraint, even the language. Oh my, it's enough to make one swoon!

And then the hand thing, in the study? Or even better when he's pleading for her to stay..My poor poor heart, i'm surprised  it survived this. *sigh* I need a Mr Rochester and a Darcy and a who's the guy from North and South? (googles..)
Mr Thornton. How I love Mr Thornton.

The next time somebody asks me why I'm single I will reply "i'm waiting for Mr Thornton."
Rella x

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