Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pretty pointless really..

Ok so while I was away I was in south ken station queuing to buy a travelcard. Right behind me is this european fresh looking type woman and next to her but outside of the queue barriers is this tall bald dude. Now i'm not really a nosey person or much of an eavesdropper but I just happened to catch parts of their conversation...when I say 'happened to' I mean I turned down the volume on Isai so I could catch parts of their conversation lol!

The general gist of the sitch was I think he saw her in the street struggling with her suitcases, found her attractive (she had huge boobs) and offered to help with her luggage (hoping for some sort of reward *eyebrow raise*). She-fresh looking european that she was- accepted the help and was now trying to get rid of him.

Why is this important? It's not, its just one of those things that you randomly witness. I dunno, I guess I found their conversation, or his attempts at it- funny. To anybody who was listening i.e. me it was clear that she wasnt interested, unless they interact differently in Russia, which is where she was from. But he stuck around, waited in line, got on the tube and probably followed her to Heathrow, which is where she was going.

To be fair there is a possibility that I was witnessing the beginning of an indie type romance movie. Before Sunrise anyone? It'd be nice to think that they sat on the tube and engaged in witty and insightful conversation. He bought a rynair ticket to Russia and somehow managed to get seated next to her. On the stop over-because there are always stop overs- they had dinner and swapped stories, found common likes and dislikes. He became more attractive to her and they decide that its like they've known each other forever etcetera etcetera etcetera.

*sigh* I dont even know why I'm telling you all this. But the memory is stuck in my head. I have this incomplete picture of the tube station, her breasts and messy bun, his bald head and slippers and then the both of them getting on the escalator..

Maybe i'll see him again one day. Maybe the next time i'm staying in south ken. I'll recognise his head, and obvi he'll still be in those slippers and i'll be able to ask him whatever happened with the russian girl who said she wasn't on facebook because there is a russian equivalent...

Do you think he'd remember me?
Rella x