Friday, 14 September 2012

Untitled (Between You and Me)

There's poetry in...
the space between you and me...
When i'm far away and you draw me close
can you feel the spark in the midst of us?

And you place your lips beside my ear
and you whisper words for only me to hear
there is poetry... in the space between

There's poetry in...
the space between you and me...
When you call me just to hear my voice
there is beauty in the depth of your love
and you share yourself
and give me a piece
there is music in our intimacy
there is poetry...
in the space between you and me.

I write alot of 'sad' songs. Wait. I don't like that. I don't think they're sad. I write alot of songs when i'm sad. That's better. All of my songs are real, real feelings, real people it's all real. See, because I write alot of my songs when I'm sad you guys- the listeners- only see/hear one part of a story. Mainly the end. Or the argument. Or the disappointment.

A couple months ago I was lying in bed watching a tv show. Two people were on a first date: empty restaraunt, flowing conversation. They start talking about dancing, the guy brings out his iPod and starts playing some slow waltzy-type music. He stands up, offers his hand, pulls her in and they dance. Close
It sounds cheesy, but really it wasn't. So i'm watching them dance and I think about how nice it is to be that close to someone. Not just anyone but Someone

The day before this I had been thinking it's a shame that all my songs about Someone are so sad because alot of our relationship was really something special. So yeah, these two people are dancing and I start thinking about Someone and how close we were, and how much we wanted to be close to each other and how beautiful wanting to be close to somebody is. 

But how do you describe that? How do you sing that? I didn't want to say being close to you is beautiful because, well that's cheese galore. Same goes with 'magic'... I had this image of us standing together, no space between us, and I was trying to describe it, how much I loved that, and then I thought of poetry. "There's poetry in the space between you and me". I'm saying I love being close to you. It's beautiful to me.
"When I'm far away, and you draw me close, can you feel the spark, in the midst of us"
"And you place your lips beside my ear, and you whisper words for only me to hear..."
I don't know what to say about this song. I'm staring at my screen trying to find the words. I can't. I guess it's all there in the lyrics. I don't know what else I can say.

"There is music in our intimacy"

I'm glad I finally got to write a love song. Now you get to see another part of the story...
Rella x

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