Sunday, 26 June 2011

#1 Weird things you do when you're alone...

I'm going to do it.
In an effort to blog more and blog consistently I am going to attempt a 30 day challenge. I tried this once on le book face and lasted ONE DAY ha! But this will be different. I will try harder.

So here we go.

Weird things I do when i'm alone? Other than talk to myself? Like full blown conversations..but never out loud :s
Erm, I make these noises. Like random 'cant-really-describe' 'what-kinda-noise-is-that?' noises. I lie with my laptop and just let my vocal chords loose. Sometimes I sound like an engine being read it's last rites, sometimes like a malnourished antisocial cat having a go at karaoke.. It's never the same sound twice and it's never planned. I'll be reading something and then all of a sudden I find myself making these noises..and then it makes me laugh. So it's late at night, the whole house is quiet, and i'm in my room in absolute hysterics. Guffaws, chortles, deep belly laughs..till somebody asks me who I'm talking to or what am I watching and my reply? Nobody, nothing..

I completely understand if at this moment in time you are questioning my sanity. What does sane even mean? (Googles...)It's all subjective anyway *shrugs*

Rella x

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