Friday, 17 June 2011

*sigh* Movies galore!

So I'm writing this while on the phone to tmobile customer services *rolls eyes* and sorting out my blackberry. This bb rubbish has been going on for close to two months but I'm not bothered because I have my beloved iPod Touch 4.
But yes the point of this was my film watching has gotten out of hand lol. To be honest though there's not really much else to do at the moment. June is such a boring month for me ¬¬

Since the last post I've watched some good rommies and some 'why am I watching this crap' rommies aswell.
My favourtites so far are: Adam
I can't believe I hadn't heard about this movie already. Why was it so DL? I loved it. I try not to contemplate why I go so swoony (for lack of a better term) over male leads that seem incapable of love and then, well, love. I dunno.. that sort of sitch effects me much more than: meeting- attraction-conversation-drama- love. But yeah, Adam; I really enjoyed it.

Up next is Whip it.
There are some movies that haunt me. I don't mean in a 'watching it I got this haunted feeling' way. I mean literally. When looking for movies to watch, looking at recommended films lists after a movie I particularly liked there are the ones I always see. Whip it was one of these. Now I'm not a rebellious person but we all have our moments right? When a movie haunts me I REFUSE to watch it. Eventhough I know eventually I am going to and i'll probably enjoy it...but it's the principle. I am my own person and what not LOL. So yeah, it haunted me, I resisted but eventually succumbed. It was another surprising one. For one I thought that it was going to be one of those 'teen- highschool movie' type films (not that theres anything wrong with those) and it wasn't. There were grown-ups in it! Gasp! I also loved that despite directing the movie Barrymore didn't make it about her. As in her role was very small but still entertaining. I liked seeing that side of her. Wait. This is not a film review blog. I'll move on..

Oooh. I watched this one yesterday. Again how did this slip through the cracks? Especially since i'm a Moore fan (my version of being a fan means i'll say 'Oh Moore's in it'). Dedication. *sigh* I fell in love with this guy..."You can accuse me of many things but never of not liking you". Are you kidding me? How am I not going to want to have his babies? After marriage of course lol. Yep, it was another example of incapable of love but evidently not.

Today's film was Mozart and the Whale. Now, i've been in love with Josh Hartnett ever since 40 days and 40 nights but this movie was like renewing our vows to each other hehe..It was interesting because a few days ago I watched Adam in which one of the couple has Aspergers but in this one both of them had it. It was infuriating and engaging and well a great watch.

Methinks now would be a good time to say i'm not making recommendations here, my taste is well- mine. But we're getting to know each other right? I'll leave it at that. I watched an offensive amount of movies these past few days. Some were great, some blah and some; somewhere in between.
But no film watching tonight, oh no siree! Today is friday which means rehearsals with New Progression!!!! Wooo!! Reh/rehs as its affectionately called is and has been, for the past two years, the highlight of my week (unless something major happens) and this is the day (that the Lord has made)..seriously can someone take these brackets away from me? I can't control myself! (that's what he said) SEE WHAT I MEAN?

Ok. I got sidetracked. But i'm back. Did you miss me? (I can leave you two alone). Thats the last one I promise...kinda. But yeah, reh: great music great people the most jokes you can ever have..i'll be coming home today with Dave on my back, joy in my heart and what was it? Peace all around me? Hm..that might become a regular. *sigh* once again I digress. I've always said (I've never said this in my life) once the digression takes over its time to call it a day. So my dears. It is indeed a day.

Don't be mad that you wasted your time reading something that may or may not have added anything to your life, or day, or hour (this could go on for a long time) (or at least until nanosecond) (wait what's smaller than a nanosecond?) (Googles..).

Oops I did it again (that's what she said)

Rella x

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