Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Remember Me..

Oh wow..

I am very rarely surprised. Which is such a shame because I do like surprises. Like with presents, my sister O is the only one who ever surprises me. Great surprises like a blackberry and a new contract paid for for 6 months like she did last year. Or this year: the greatest present ever: Isai, my iPod Touch 4th Gen. I never see it coming.

I just finished watching Remember Me, another one of those haunting movies that I'd managed to avoid for ages. I am NOT a twilight fan- AT ALL, and the idea of watching Robert Pattinson for 113 minutes did not excite me but i'd run out of movies to watch.

So I watched it. Now due to the unbelievable amount of movies (rommies esp.) that I have seen; I am very good at predicting whats about to happen. I don't do it on purpose, but at some points whilst watching a film there'll be a running narration in my head- "so now he's going to come through the door, she's gonna see him, they're going to make up, and sexy time will ensue".

The ends approaching, issues are resolving themselves in that neat way that can only happen in movies and then... He's in his dad's office and this tense, 'somethings about to happen' music is playing. And my brain is running around thinking of all the pandora's boxes.. trying to find the one that's still open. No they're shut, so what is it? What's the cause of the music? With only 5 minutes left of the movie..WHAT IS IT?

And then it happens.
I realised 10 seconds before what it was going to be, but still: I did not see it coming.
Oh wow.

I do love being surprised.

Rella x

Once again, not a recommendation..
although I did think Rotten Tomatoes' rating was a bit harsh..
but each to their own right?

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