Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Music: Why I love CB Rae

I am the worst person to give music recommendations to.
MANY have tried, few have succeeded. My taste is vague and extremely specific at the same time. It's inconclusive.. It's very I dunno, I like what I like. That said, I can love/like a musician and only love a handful of their discography. Actually this is always the case.

So continuing the whole getting to know each other here's some more music I love.

Corinne Bailey Rae

The only thing I don't like about liking BRae is that people expect me to like her. It comes with the territory I guess but yeah. I love her voice, and there are a few songs of hers that really resonate with me for whatever reason.
#1. Like a star. Obviously. This was one of the first songs I learnt on the guitar. And it taught me the all important F7|E7| movement that I had no clue about and have grown to appreciate. It's one that has stuck with me from 14ish. Also, at fourteen just discovering my voice, it was something I needed to hear. I didn't have that huge- gospel, bellowing voice that was the norm (amazing, but still the norm), or that riff-y deeper soul-y voice either. So to hear Rae with her unassuming, beautiful and spectacular in its own way voice; I learnt to be comfortable with and accept my own.

#2. Are You Here. Why do I love this? I don't know. I don't even understand what she says in alot parts of it.  But I do. I love it, I heard this back in my Spotify days and listened to it over and over again. No but really what is she saying? LOL. But for real, ignoring the lyrics barrier, I feel it..

#3. Love's On Its Way. Another Spotify find. In fact her album came out and eventhough i'm not an album-listening type person usually, I told myself to check it out. I love her live, I love how in control she is of her sound, and despite her unassuming voice; she doesn't get bogged down or overshadowed by the live instruments. If it's your first time hearing this its probably better to listen to the album version first.

#5. Since I've Been Loving You. I could count the Led Zeppelin songs I know on one hand. That would be one. And it's this one. Obvi I know of them but that's it. I heard this song when going through her discography on spotify one day and yeah. It makes the list. It was only later that I found out it was a cover. I love what she does with her voice and I love how distinctive she is when she could so easily be plain.

Lastly, eventhough there's still a few I could put on here...

#6 Is This Love?. Another spotify find. The original is one of my favourite songs. As in, OF ALL TIME. At one point, it was my go-to song when people put me on the spot and asked me to sing them something. Hearing her do this made me respect her on a whole other level for some reason. She made it her own but without taking away from it. Or I dunno..making it about her and not about the song? It's like she paid homage to it. Do you get what I mean? I remember hearing it and thinking "Did she really go there? Wow she went there! Eeissh,...SHE WENT IN!!" Translation: Well done Rae.

Rella x

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  1. Wow, she completely nailed that Zeppelin cover. Personally I also like her cover of Sexyback (Radio One Live Lounge).