Sunday, 12 June 2011

A lark in the park

me and Ade :)
It was more about spending time with the guys than anything else. Sure we performed and conquered despite the crappy sound and clueless sound engineers. We had a good time, Fi's set went well but oh the laughs and larks and overall good vibes.

Walking down mare street, singing in four-part harmony, people stopping to listen.
Enjoying the sunshine. The crazy dancing and disco revival. All of it. Whenever New Progression gets together, eventhough it wasn't all of us, and we weren't there to be New Progression, we were there to be HD and Ionna. Despite all of that what a lark we had!

 We were early, the festival was running late, iPhone's were lost, then found, I have a new pair of sunglasses courtesy of Usaa but above all It was great to be able to support the people that have supported me so often.

And at the end of the day the sun was still shining. I walked home to yet another playlist with Dave on my back, peace around me and joy in my heart.

Grace, Me, Jalud, Stephanie and Fi
aka the girls <3 and Jalud

Ade, Tohib, Me and Usaamah

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