Friday, 8 July 2011

Music: Once

Yes I love movies, I think that much is obvious. Sure I love the stories, but even more than that; I love how many great songs I discover through them and how music is used to set the scene, emphasise an emotion and just take what you're seeing to a whole new level..

Recently I watched a film called Once. I'd been avoiding it because..I can't actually remember why.. I'm sure I had a good reason (we both know I didn't).
Either way a while ago I bit the bullet and watched it. I really liked it. It was all so ordinary, as in the characters, setting etc. It wasn't a glitzy Hollywood film and it wasn't about beautiful people.. I liked the interaction between the two leads: none of that 'I feel like I've known you forever' business, just lets make some music.

Another thing that touched home with me was wherever they went music happened. They go to some dude's house for a big dinner, and then at the end of it each person at the table sings a song or plays an instrument or..i dunno.. Why'd that touch home? I remember one day I was in my room lying in my bed, and my little sister, who was hanging out with me, asks me why I'm singing. I say I wasn't singing. She says yes you were, you do it all the time. True stories. lol.
A part of me feels like I'm trying to connect a flamingo to a mime. But another part of me feels like the viewer got a sense of how music totally takes over a musician. Not in a 'becoming the Mask' way, but more like it's fully a part of you. I sing all the time (apparently) because i'm a singer (as well as a butcher, baker and candlestick maker)..It's what I do. And when I say all the time I don't mean in the middle of a 2 minute silence, or at other inappropriate times or places, I mean when i'm by myself, or relaxing, or cooking or walking down the road. *shrugs*
How did I get here? Right, Once.

So what with this being kind of a music blog I'm going to share one of my favourite songs from Once.


The recording scene? When the engineer is like "Yeah i'm here with a bunch of nobodies" and then he hears the song? And then that little 'Im hearing something special' smile- I love that part! 

What's with my current obsession with two-part guy-girl harmony? Sufjan, this guy, Damien rice..Oh well, it works.

Oh, 30 day challenge? Yeah that never happened. The questions bored me. I didn't want to talk about how i've changed over the past two years. That's boring. This has nothing to do with my inability to commit to regular posting and everything to do with unimaginative questions :)

Rella x

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