Monday, 11 July 2011

Music: Twice

This is a perfect example of when I only like one song from a band. 

I LOVE this song. I first heard it when a friend posted the video on my fb page.
Eventhough I was confused by the vid, the song was beautiful, but it didn't go any further than that until a few months later. 
I played it again and then it was all I listened to for like a week. Finally the buttercream icing on the cake? It appeared on my beloved Grey's Anatomy.

I bought it from iTunes and it's had its permanent home in Isai every since. It has made several appearances on any playlist I make.. 6 months(ish) in and our love is still strong. 

So what with this being a music blog of some sort I'm you know, sharing some music.
But seriously, what is up with that video? After like a hundred viewings I've grown to accept it, but understanding it? That's a whole different slice of pie and I don't eat pie. True stories.

Rella x

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  1. I agree this is such a beautiful song