Friday, 22 July 2011

What Summer means to my iPod

I know I don't always listen to the most 'uplifting' music (lol) or the most upbeat..but there are days like this when the sun is shining through my window and Summer, or the British equivalent, is making itself known.

Currently I have Outkast's Prototype stuck in my head and it epitomises the perfect summer song. This is what would be playing if I ever bothered to take a blanket to the park and lie in the grass.

And to think I only heard this song a few days ago..

"I wanna say stank you smelly much" Ha! I love Outkast. This takes me back..

"Hey John, are we recording our adlibs?"

I thought i'd share some others.

#2 Curtis Mayfield- Move On Up
Do I need to explain why? This song never fails to get me moving "Just move on up!". I don't even know where I heard this..Oh that's right. Science Camp circa '09. My friend Bainton played it on her laptop and it was love. I'm sure i'd heard it before but thats where it started. Kinda.

#3 Buddy Rich- The beat goes on
I know the whole horn solo to this. And I dont mean on a horn. One summers night I was on my way home from a gig and still a bit (naturally) high. Me and the guys were standing at the bus stop, I'm listening to this.. then I start to hum, dooo da and la the whole song, complete with dance moves. In the middle of the street. And the guys are just staring at me completely used to my lunatic behaviour. I knew that I was the only one that could hear the music, and to the rest of the world I looked..only God knows. But that's how happy this song makes me, lol.

#4 Common- Come Close ft Mary J Blige
I know every word to this song. This is my tunnneeeeee. "I wanna build a tribe with you".
I saw this video years ago and then somehow the memory of it got mixed with an india arie vid and then in the back on my mind It became Common ft India. A few years ago I randomly thought about the song and then watched the video again and the song has stuck with me since. "I know this world is crazy, but whats it without you". For me, this strikes the perfect balance between groove and lyric.

And finally, a more recent one.
#5 Fish Go Deep- The Cure and the Cause
One summer this song was all my sister O played. And it caught on. In the car, as soon as this song came on we'd all shout out TUNEEEE, then sing along. Its been years and we still make up 70% of the words lol, but it doesnt matter. This is summer!!!

Rella x

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  1. I absolutely love your music selections esp
    fish go deep and common and mary j blige
    keep up the good wor keep posting
    you rock