Monday, 4 July 2011

Music: Harmoniessss

Its up there on the list of the things that I love. Next to bagels (plain, heated for 30 seconds, or till soft to touch), potatoes and a good bowl of cereal. A really good harmony will literally send a shiver down my spine, distort my face and curl my toes. They are a force to be reckoned with. 

Here are some of my favourite examples..
For the best experience, listen with headphones..

Take 6- This is Another Day

I first heard this a few months ago, I was talking music and harmonies with another musician and he was like: "If you like harmonies check out Take 6" so I did. I was struck dumb by this, face distorted- did they really just?, did you hear that?, oh my gosh and then around 1:45 I stopped trying to comprehend it all and was like "ok, you win, you win!" 

I especially love this because there is something about acapella harmony that just does it for me. 

The Rescues- My Heart With You

 I first heard this on Grey's Anatomy. I've found some great music because of that show and still can't get over how amazing season 6 (and the incredible finale) was. Another acapella harmony, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum to This is Another Day. But gosh, this song was on repeat for daysss. I listened to nothing else, while playing Angry Birds, washing up, or just passing time. I love this song. 

These songs are both fully packed out with harms. My last example is abit different. So we all know I love Sufjan Stevens and this song describes perfectly what I mean when I say one harmony completely changes my opinion of a song.

Sufjan Stevens- John Wayne Gacy Jr

 I first heard this in the midst of my Stevens obsession   circa December '10. Pressed play, it was nice, and then "Oh my God" happens. Which changed everything. And then "On the mouth".. When I listen to it now, I'm not as affected but then, when I first heard it..I loved how simple it was. It didn't result in a face distortion but there were definite chills going on. *sigh* I love Sufjan Stevens. Not so much his Age of Adz though..

But that's how music works right? Think of it like a buffet, you take what you like. That's how it is, what I like of his- I love! The rest is for people with different taste buds.

Rella x

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